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June 29, 2021

How PharmEasy's Net Worth Became 700 Million Dollars in just 5 Years ?


PharmEasy was founded in 2014 by Dharmil Seth and Dhawal Shah. Its parent company is API holdings private limited. It provides doorstep delivery of medicines and other medical equipment in India across 98% of Indian pin codes.  The customers can order their items through PharmEasy’s Website or its mobile app. The idea behind this startup was to digitize the pharmacy sector and bring it under the umbrella of E-commerce. During the pandemic, PharmEasy doubled its revenue to 637 crores. The Pandemic has helped in accelerating its growth. The company’s current net worth is around $700 million. The company is all set to get listed in stock exchange and raise money through IPO (Initial Public Offering). On September 22, 2020, PharmEasy merged with Medlife and API Holdings Private Limited has acquired 100% stake of Medlife.


The Business Model of PharmEasy is similar to any E-commerce Website like Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra. It sells Medicines and other equipment at cheaper rates and provides doorstep delivery of the products. The customers need to upload their prescriptions of medicines for verification. They can also verify their prescription from a doctor appointed by PharmEasy if the customers face any problems in verification. They provide up to 20% discounts on bookings done through mobile app so that more people download their app. They also earn money by displaying sponsored results of various pharmaceutical entities.



1)       The foremost challenge faced by PharmEasy was to attract customers to buy their medicines and other medical equipment online. Generally, People preferred buying their medicines from a physical pharmacy store.


2)      India has low smartphone penetration among its population. Also, Internet users in India compared to the entire population is also quite low. Thus, It narrows the customer base for PharmEasy.


3)      Customers hesitate in providing their prescriptions online. They are also afraid of getting expired and fake medicines.


4)      The Competitors of PharmEasy are MedPlus, Netmeds, 1mg, Myra etc. PharmEasy has the market dominance and generates the maximum revenue in comparison to its Competitors.





1)      PharmEasy has been expanding its network by investing more in Capital expenditure. It has been in talks that it is going to buy Thyrocare at 7000 crores which will increase its customer base and capital assets.


2)      The Covid-19 Pandemic has provided a conducive Business Environment for PharmEasy. Now, People prefer to shop online and contactless delivery of products.


3)      The increase in the demand of vitamins, immunity boosters, and other medicines has also contributed to the growth of PharmEasy. Pandemic has led to increase in demand of medicinal equipment.


4)      There has been increase in the number of Internet users and the smartphone users in India in the past few years. It will help in increasing their potential customer base.


5)      PharmEasy will have to face tough competition from other players which are aggressively participating in the market to increase their revenues.





June 29, 2021

Discrimination - Still a social issue

 Discrimination is such a social issue that is prevalent in India from a long time. Though Indian Law describes discrimination as punishable crime, we often see many cases of it. Why is this so?? Why even after so many years of evolution and development we see such social issues?? All the answers to these questions lies in our foundation and environment that we grow in. 

From the very start of growth many children are not taught the difference between "leg pulling" and discrimination. Many young as well as elderly people discriminate people and remark it as a "joke." For instance calling someone "black" just for fun seems funny but in reality it is a huge social drawback. This shows how much we lack education. Recent incident of "youtuber Paras Singh calling Arunachal Pradesh a Chinese Territory" proves the fact. Though he apologized and realized his mistakes , no one can neglect the fact that this incident would not have occurred if we were more cautious and educated. 

There is a huge hole in our mindset and its needed to be filled before it eat us all. A discriminated person faces huge mental trauma and may have a severe impact. We need to be more sensitive while dealing with such topics. Educating children from the young age  as well as educating ourselves on such topic may bring a huge change in near future. It is well known that discrimination have a long history and it will not eradicate instantly. But taking small steps today will bring major change in near future

June 28, 2021

why should women in rural areas get sanitary napkins, for free.

 India is a country, where women make up half  the population. more than 60 percent of population India lives in rural areas. women lack access to sanitary napkins and menstrual cycle becomes a burden and bane for them. women are god' s precious creation.  For us, the privileged, periods are normal, something which occurs every month. we might have to deal with pain and discomfort But for those who live in rural areas this prevents them to do their daily activities. Myths and taboos which are embedded with periods, makes lives of these women even worse. According to a report only around 35 percent of women in India use sanitary napkins. The cost of sanitary napkins are expensive for the people of rural areas, who hardly get to earn money to have some food. Some follow hand to mouth process. Sanitary napkins are not a luxury, they are a necessity and every women deserves to have access to them. A lot of women in rural areas use cloth during their periods, this can cause infection and fungal diseases. Due to Menstruation, a lot of young adults in villages are forced leave the schools. Free sanitary napkins and some encouragement might help the child to not to discontinue their studies and their daily activities. Menstruation is a topic, people resist talking about, they feel its shameful. It is disheartening to see people thinking of it to be dirty.  The Government of India, is indeed, working towards the progress of our country but some steps like these would definitely work towards achieving the India, we all wish for. 

June 28, 2021

Ladli foundation - NGO

 Ladli foundation-a chain of  changemakers! 

Founder and CEO - Mr. Devendra kumar  Gupta


Ladli foundation - In special consultative status with economic and social council ECOSOC since 2020  , associated with Delhi Police is a grassroot level non profit organization  that works for unprivileged females in and rural  slums weaving a ray of hope and happieness.  A mission to provide a safe, gender neutral society  and also rise  standard of living and quality of lives of  those unprivileged and uneducated  vulnerable women. 

 Donation vs contribution

A little help goes a long way! 

Team Ladli believes  in volunteering instead of donating them. It differentiate empathy with sympathy  in real sense. They encourage people/volunteers and  make them learn  how to replicate  the ongoing initiative in nearby areas in order to achieve  goals. They  also provide internship  to make them learn and know the lifetime practical skills for future  on blogging, management ,field ,content writing etc . Voltour - Expirence Humanity is one of the great upcoming initiative started  to achieve global goals and  experience the grassroot realities  which is a certificate and a reward winning   program  based on skills and knowledge. It inspire people to use their efforts for a righteous cause which helps in uplifting  women with self-reliance and successful lives in surrounding .


Some Sucessful  campaign's  that have been launched under project ladli are   - Pathanshala (educate), Inspiring women, Anemia eradication, Covid19 rahat sewa,  JOSH, breath india, Project Saheli, Sathi hath batana ,  Run of Ladli half  marathon, Ladli rakshak, Sashakt(empower) , Shagun ( bestow)  Swabhimaan(dignity).  These campaign have been praised  and witnessed by various well known  dignitaries and Bollywood megastars for its national presence.  Till date it has directly benefited more than 1 million  people  and young girls from human trafficking and made them aware about Hygiene, equality, justice and rights .

Ladli foundation USA, New jersey is an international wing in USA of ladli foundation incorpated in 2021.

June 24, 2021

How To Publish a Book?

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March 31, 2020


It’s easier to get a new job when you already have a job. We all intuitively know this to be true, but why is that the case?
If you ask recruiters and hiring managers why they don’t hire individuals who are unemployed when they apply for a role, it’s usually because they’re basing their decision on some preconceived notions and biases:
  • If you’ve been fired from one job, there must be something wrong with you.
  • If you quit without a new job lined up, you must not be a dedicated employee.
  • If you stayed at home with your kids, you’ll always be running out the door early.
  • If you were out for health reasons, you’ll get sick again.
In reality, most of these reasons are excuses for hiring managers to avoid critically evaluating all applicants and opting instead for the easy route. Ultimately, hiring managers prefer to recruit and hire employed versus unemployed candidates simply because they assume someone else already evaluated them, hired them and values their work enough to keep them.
But this is not a good reason to overlook the currently unemployed. This mentality can cause you to miss out on a great employee who could be unemployed for a number of completely valid and understandable reasons. Sure, some people lose their jobs because they’re bad workers, but more often than not it’s layoffs, medical problems or the need for child care that can cause someone to lose or leave their job.

Three Ways to Get More Open-Minded About How You Hire

What can you do to make sure your unconscious biases don’t keep you from hiring the best person for the job, even if he or she is currently unemployed?
1) Seek—Don’t Avoid—the Unemployed   
It’s a tight labor market right now with a relatively low unemployment rate. This is great for the economy, but tough for recruiters. Try adding a note to your job description that says, “People who are currently unemployed are encouraged to apply,” so you can reach people who were nervous about filling out the application. Then, if an unemployed individual applies, interview them! Don’t focus on why they are unemployed — but do ask. Chances are you’ll learn that their current situation is a result of an unfortunate circumstance or a personal choice, rather than previously poor job performance.
2) Consider the Value of Personal Experience
You may be tempted to exclude a stay-at-home-mom or dad for a job because they’ve been out of the workforce for ten years, but this is a missed opportunity. Rather than dwelling on skills they’ll need to catch up on or learn, ask instead about their strengths and what they’ve learned about themselves over the years. Someone with the right attitude and history of success will get up to speed quickly and could bring a passion or desire to learn that you might not find in a worker who hasn’t had any time away from a nine to five.
3) Have Some Compassion
You could be the next person to get laid off. Your mother could break her hip and not recover well, and you’ll need to take two years off to take care of her. You could have a baby and want to stay home. And someday, in each of these scenarios, you may want to return to work. Look at the candidate as a whole— not just the past few years.
Hiring is hard, but excluding a large group of qualified people because they are currently unemployed makes it even harder. Beat out your competitors by looking for the best candidate— not only the most obvious one.
March 30, 2020


Dear ReWorker,
I have a new (two-months-employed) salaried exempt employee that has been taking between three and six hours a week to go to doctor’s appointments. He says that this will not continue forever and should soon stabilize to a monthly appointment. He has expressed to me multiple times in writing that he does not expect to be paid for the hours that he is taking off. Can you shed some light on any laws that I should know about for salaried employees and taking time off?
Stumped About Sick Time
Dear Stumped About Sick Time,
First of all, your new employee sounds incredibly thoughtful. He recognized that his medical appointments impact the business and volunteered to forgo pay.
Second, you have to turn down his generous offer.
Being paid on a salary basis means he receives a predetermined amount of compensation that must stay the same every pay period, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is true regardless of how many days or hours he puts in, as long as he has completed some work, with very few exceptions. You can dock his paid time off (PTO) for the missed time, but you can’t dock his pay.
You can only dock an exempt employee’s pay for absences in strict circumstances—for instance, if these absences were covered by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which guarantees certain employees of companies with 50 or more workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year (with no threat of job loss) to care for a new child or seriously ill family member, or to recover from an illness themselves. In this case, however, because he’s a new employee, he does not qualify for FMLA, which requires individuals to have been employed for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours over that time.
Other exceptions would include if he takes a full day off work for something other than illness or if he’s exhausted all his PTO and needs a full day off for medical reasons. But neither of those applies here.
If you have 15 or more employees, you’re subject to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Unlike FMLA, which requires an employee to have worked for a set period of time to access coverage, there’s no eligibility period for this protection. The ADA requires that you make a reasonable accommodation for any qualified employee. I’d assume that his condition qualifies (though that’s just a guess, since I don’t know the specifics), but you should ask him to fill out paperwork regardless. In most jobs, taking three to six hours off per week for a relatively short period would be seen as a reasonable accommodation.
You could, of course, require him to make up the time, which he may be anxious to do anyway. But here’s what I would do if I were you. I’d have him fill out the ADA paperwork and agree to this accommodation based on the doctor’s timeline (since he’s indicated this a temporary situation). Then I’d help him in any way that you can.
Why? Because not only is this good for the employee, it’s also good for your whole office. Workers now know that if they get sick, you’re going to back them up and give them the support they need. Turnover is insanely expensive—in fact, it costs employers 33% of a worker's annual salary to hire a replacement if they leave—so giving someone flexibility when they need it saves you a fortune in the long run.
A company that supports people through medical problems is the type of place people like to stay. When you allow exempt employees to truly take care of themselves, that will come back to you through improved performance at work. As long as this guy isn’t an entitled jerk (and since he volunteered to take the time unpaid, I’m guessing he’s not), he’ll appreciate the kindness you showed to him. And that’s worth whatever sacrifices you have to make in the short run.
Your ReWorker