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July 19, 2021

Make a great first impression

The first impression is extremely important because it creates the granite foundation base for the way in which people perceive us.   The famous saying : first impression is the last  exist. Attire/ dress code provides people with the glasses through which they see us. This is precisely the reason why people should make every effort to create a good first impression. 

What to wear to a dollar tree interview ?

Generally, most of  jobs interview calls  you to wear professional, or business attire but it should be the righteous one to reflect your personality. This might mean a suit jacket and slacks with a shirt and tie or a sweater and button-down. A blouse with skirt , dresses or shirt pants  is appropriate with clean tidy comfortable shoes.

The colour of the dresses matters . Basic neutral nude  minimal colours suits well and appropriate for any interview. Avoid wearing bright dark  rainbow colours. It seeks attention  and are eye catching.

Here’s what you  must wear!

For men:-

·       A good to go clean white  ironed shirt , long sleeves , button up with  black pants  and formal shoes.

·       White shirt button up with black or brown khaki pants .

·       Black shirt with khaki pants and  clean shoes.

·       A five piece  solid coloured suit  is also accepted .

For women:-

·       A basic blouse with black pencil skirt   and nude colour  heels/flats.

·       A vintage style silk white shirt  with black/green/brown pants .  

·        Neutral button up shirts/tops with  chinos or corduroys .

Always Remember!

·      Choose neutrals over   patterns or bright eye catchy colours.

·      Wear  clean comfortable shoes.

·      Button up your shirt .

·      Prefer leather belts.

·      Avoid  wearing  jewellery or accessories.

·      Make  your hair  neatly .

·      Clean or trim your beard and  moustaches.

·      Avoid blue  jeans, t-shirts, sneakers .

·      Wear light makeup.