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July 20, 2022

What is BIS and what are its functions

Hello friends, today's article is going to be very useful for you because in this we will tell you about BIS Full Form and what is BIS, what are its functions and what are its benefits, we will tell you complete information related to them and along with it other useful related Information is about to tell.

Often we all hear different types of words many times, which often contain short form words, BIS is also one of those about which you will often get to hear but many people know BIS Full Form and what is BIS. If you do not know about it, then you should read our complete article for its information.


It is the National Standards Ministry of India, which deals with the work of consumer affairs, standards, product and system certification schemes etc. of the country.

What is BIS

What is BIS

As we have told you that this is the Bureau of Indian Standards and its work is the certification of consumer affairs, products and standard system of the Government of India and if we tell it in simple language, then it certifies the purity of any precious commodity or metal etc. As we must have seen that the gold that we buy is in different carats, it is the work of BIS to certify them.

It examines and certifies many different valuable items like gold, silver and many metals like diamond and platinum and its functions are as follows.

  • quality check
  • creating standards
  • quality certification and control
  • Developing a National Strategy for Recognition of Standards
  • Related to Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme
  • related to hallmark
  • Creating a laboratory accreditation plan
  • tracking user activities

As you all know that the valuable Vastu of any country is very useful for that country and it plays an important role in maintaining the economy to this there is always a danger of adulteration in it, sotIS to protect it. It was formed to do the work of checking and certification valuables.


As you know that BIS works to certify any valuable item and it shows the certified item in the following way, we are telling you about the hallmark of gold which is something like this.

  • If the hallmark number is 354 then it means 35.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 465 then it means 46.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 580 then it means 58.0% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 648 then it means 64.8% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 705 then it means 70.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 836 then it means 83.6% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 965 then it means 96.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 164 then it means 16.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 264 then it means 26.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 1000 then it means 100% pure gold.

In this way, a metal like gold is shown as a hallmark and it shows the purity of any metal and how much adulteration is there in it.

It was established on 23 December 1986 and its headquarter is located in Manek Bhawan Old Delhi, but keeping in mind its large area in India, its 5 other offices have been established which are located in Chandigarh, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Is.

What is a BIS certificate and why is it necessary

By the BIS certificate, original and adulterated metals etc. are checked as inexpensive items, as if any expensive metal from abroad is imported into India, then first it has to go through the BIS check, they check it in their way. After that, when it gets approval from BIS, then that metal can come to India and it can be sold in the market.

After checking them, its certificate is also made and it takes up to 6 months to make a BIS license after checking it, the hallmark of BIS can be put on the Vastu so that the public can know that it is the original product. And people should have faith in it and people can shop without any fear or hassle.

Conclusion – In this article, we have given you information about BIS Full Form and what is BIS and what are its functions, we hope that You must have found the information given by us useful, if you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends and if you want to ask any question related to it, then you can tell us by commenting.

July 19, 2022

What is Digital Currency? Information about e-currencies

Friends, you must have heard the name of Bitcoin at some point or just a few years ago, and if you have not heard it, then it does not matter, what is our article Digital Currency today? In this, you will also get information about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also a kind of digital currency, the most used cryptocurrency worldwide is bitcoin. It currently has 16.8 million tokens in circulation. And the person who has a bitcoin right now is a lot of money because friends, the price of 1 bitcoin is equal to 30-50 lakh rupees.

So by this, you must have understood and you must have got an idea of ​​how much digital currency is worth. So let us know with this that what is this digital currency? And why is this so much discussed?

What is Digital Currency?

What is Digital Currency

Digital currency is also called e-currency or cryptocurrency, in which the payment method is done completely in electronic form. These currencies, called cyber cash, are discussed all over the world. Digital currency can also be called virtual currency.

Digital currency is a kind of currency, which exists only in digital form, and it is also bought and sold online. Digital currency can be used to buy and sell things online only, you cannot use it for offline things.

Digital Currency i.e. Cryptocurrency

There is no limit to the number of times you can transact in digital currency. Digital currency is more secure than making an online payment by debit or credit card because it uses cryptography, which makes it even more secure.

That is why it is also called Cryptocurrency. The world's first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Depositing it is called mining. Cryptocurrency can be easily transferred to any corner of the world and can be converted to any type of currency like Dollar, Euro, Rupee etc.

Transactions can be done through this currency without any medium through computer networks. At the same time, this digital currency is kept in a digital wallet, Digital Currencies have been banned in many countries, and because of this many illegal works are being done.

List of digital currency

Just as there are many currencies around the world, all countries have their money names, and they also have different values, in the same way, there are many types of digital currency, and they are also of many types, so let us know about AC currency only.


The most widely used cryptocurrency digital currency around the world is bitcoin. It currently has 16.8 million tokens in circulation. Bitcoin is being called the poster child of the cryptocurrency industry. However, critics of Bitcoin are a bit sceptical about its growth due to its slow speed and high transaction fees.


Litecoin, launched in 2011, was one of the early cryptocurrencies after bitcoin and is often referred to as the "silver to bitcoin gold".


Zcash, a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency launched in late 2016, promises to be. “If bitcoin is like HTTP for money, then the cash is HTTPS,” analogous cash uses to define itself.

Bitcoin Cash

Launched in the year 2017, Bitcoin Cash is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the world. It has a block size of 8MB while the original bitcoin has a block size of 1MB.


Ethereum is built as a decentralized app provider. It has a specific purpose to overcome the need for third-party companies like Apple to build apps. Apps developed on Ethereum will be on a distributed public platform where miners will be able to earn 'ether'.


Libra coin is a digital currency created by Facebook. Facebook is developing a wallet for Libra that will allow it to be stored. People will be able to buy and sell Libra as a cryptocurrency.

So friends, now you must have understood what is digital currency? If you have any thing which you do not understand, then you can ask us in the comment box given below, we will try our best to help you.

July 19, 2022

What is a podcast? Learn About Podcasting

Hello friends, all of you must have seen many videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and you must have made videos. But have you ever created or recorded audio? And have you upload it somewhere?

When you come to social media, you want to share ideas and you use different things for this and share your ideas with people, then friends podcast is also a part of social media, in which you can share your information. Can share with logo.

Starting a podcast is a big thing in itself because in this we have to share information with our Subscribers or Followers, which people should like.

What is a podcast?

What is a podcast

A podcast is blogging in a way, as we write articles and then share them with people, in the same way, there is a podcast, the podcast is like a device or mobile app, in which we store any information in the form of audio. and then share that information with the people.

In podcasts, we put our voice in the form of audio. Just like we make a video from our mobile or camera, our voice is also recorded in it along with us, in the same way only our voice is saved in podcasting, which we can share with people.

Nowadays we all think that how can we learn or read more things in less time, and so earlier we used to read books, then we started using youtube to understand something, and now slowly Everyone has started liking to listen to all things.

Example of the podcast:-

We have also started podcasting, in which we will share things related to Digital Marketing, Blogging, Vlog, SEO, and Web Development. Play and listen to the podcast given below.

What are the benefits of podcasting?

Friends, you know what is a podcast and who is called podcasting is, but why should you podcast or what are the benefits of podcasting, so let's talk a little about it.

If you are a good writer, or you know Poem and you also do poetry, or you like to motivate people, then you must use podcast.

As now more than 55% of people in Google do Voice Search and search for things, when we search anything in Google, Google shows us the same things that we want to see. Voice search is growing very fast in India, and one day it is going to go a long way.

Can you earn money from podcasting?

Yes, you can also earn money by doing podcasting, for this, you just have to make a podcast in a good field, after which you can earn money, it is not that you have created a podcast today and from tomorrow you will start earning money from it. , No…

Friends, there are no shortcut ways to earn money, and some people feel like this, then they will come to know about the matter themselves for some time.

So friends, as you will provide good value to your podcast, and as you get the support of people, they will like your podcast, then your subscribers or people who listen to the podcast will increase, and then you will earn money from the podcast. There will be many ways to find out.

So first of all, if you are good in any field, or you do any work very well, and you also like to do all that work, and you want to share all those things with people, then Start making podcasts today. Start little by little, you will be able to do it.. :)

Even if you search by typing something in Google, you will still get the same result that you will get through a voice search. With voice search, we can easily search things on Google.

Suppose you do not know English or anything and you do not know how to write it in Hindi, then you can easily search for anything on Google with your voice, after which you get your answer.

How to do podcasting?

Friends, to do podcasting, first of all, you will need a computer or mobile and a good internet connection for this work. After that, you have to select a good podcast platform.

If you want to start podcasting from your computer or laptop, then for this you have to sign up on online podcasting sites, after which you can start your podcast. These are some of the best podcast hosting sites.

  • Anchor

If you want to start podcasting from your mobile or tablet, then for this you have to download podcasting apps, after which you can start podcasting. This Anchor Fm mobile app for Android and iOS can be of great use to you.

for android- anchor

For iOS (Apple) - anchor

If you make a podcast using the mobile app, then it will be easy, you will get a lot of options in Anchor Fm, whatever popular podcast platform you are by making a podcast, it is published here for free.

If you have a WordPress website and you want to start a podcast on it, then you can start a podcast on your website using the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin.

So this is how podcasting works, with podcasting you can connect with people, build your good followers, and improve your skills even more.

So maybe now you must have understood what is a podcast, and how to do podcasting, so if you have any thing that you have not understood or you want to ask something from us, then you can ask us in the comment box given below. We will do our best to help you.

If you liked this article, and you got to know something good from it, then you must share it on your social media platforms.

July 18, 2022

What is Blockchain Technology? How does it work?

After all, what is Blockchain? Recently, Bitcoin has been in the headlines for a long time. Today you will get to know everything about it.

Friends, technology had gone a long way in today's time, there was a time that if we had to send money to someone, then we used to take 1-2 days for that, and then we used to get the money from the bank, or we Sent someone.
Everyone nowadays will be seen talking about Bitcoin, Digital Currency, Dogecoin and Blockchain Technology. But the biggest question is whether every other speaker and listener knows the meaning of blockchain.
Today we are going to tell you about what is Blockchain Technology, and how it can change a lot in the coming time. So let's know about Blockchain technology.But now with the help of UPI, everything has become very easy. Now in Minto, we can transfer money online to anyone at any time with the help of UPI. So now you can think that how technology has advanced so far.Often we do not miss to play on the term by talking about it, whether we are deeply aware of it or not. Well, we will make sure that after reading this news, after hearing the name of blockchain, you can not only react to it but also analyze it.

What is Blockchain Technology?

What is Blockchain Technology? How does it work?

Blockchain Technology is such a technology, a platform where not only a digital currency but also anything can be made digital and its record can be kept. That is, blockchain is a digital ledger. At the same time, bitcoin is a digital medium, through which we and you or anyone else can sell and buy some things.

Blockchain technology is a structure that holds public block records in multiple databases, known as "chains", in a network connected via peer-to-peer nodes. Commonly, this storage is called a 'digital ledger'.

Blockchain technology is quite old, but it was theorized to be used by Satoshi Nakamoto for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009. Who Yoshi Nakamoto is a mystery? He published a paper about Digital Currency based on Blockchain.

Advantages of Blockchain

With blockchain, your business process will be better protected with the help of a high level of security. The chances of hacking your business are very less.

Blockchain is a technology that is designed as a program to record financial transactions. It is a digital system in which Internet technology is very tightly embedded.

Thanks to the blockchain, the system becomes difficult to hack. Even if a single block has been tampered with, it will be known that the hacker is hacking the system. If a hacker wants to hack the system then he has to catch all the blocks, which is impossible.

Each computer on the blockchain can describe the entire history of each record. This database is encrypted. In the blockchain system, even if a computer fails, this system continues to work. Whenever new records are to be entered in it, it requires the approval of many computers.

A blockchain system is a digital ledger of transactions with a network of computer systems and servers. Transactions done in all blocks are captured and each new transaction is included in the ledger.

In this way the database is managed by multiple participants. The system uses a hash cryptographic signature to record each transaction and includes each new block created in the block. In such a situation, if someone wants to hack it, then it is difficult to hack it.

What happens in each block of the blockchain?

As the name suggests, so is the work. It consists of many blocks and they are connected – that's how it became a blockchain. Each block contains the data, the hash and the hash of the previous block. Now let us tell you about the data, the hash and the hash of the previous block.

The data that resides in the Bitcoin blockchain contains the details of the transaction. Information like sender, receiver and account are recorded in it.

The number comes after the data of the hash. You can think of a hash as a biometric which is unique for everyone. Your Face ID can't match anyone else's, similarly, this hash is also unique

, If there is any change in the block, it changes the hash.

All the blocks are virtually connected. This is a kind of system in which there is no scope for tampering. Because if anyone wants, the information of the blockchain cannot be changed.

Hash of the previous block – A block also contains the hash of the previous block and because of this, the chain of blocks is formed. That is, they are related to each other.

If you change the data in one block, then you will have to change the data in the other block as well. If this is not done, then the blocks cannot remain connected among themselves. It is not possible in a way that you can change the data from all the blocks around the world. But hackers can do anything.

What is the technology behind Blockchain Technology?

The main technologies behind Blockchain Technology mainly consist of the following three technologies.

  • P2P Network (Peer-2-Peer)
  • Private Key Cryptography
  • Program (the blockchain's protocol)

Where can Blockchain be used?

Blockchain technology can be used in the following areas apart from crypto-currencies.

  • cyber security
  • e-governance
  • Information Technology and Data Management
  • Government Schemes Accounts
  • subsidy distribution
  • Banking and Insurance
  • land records regulation
  • academic information
  • Digital identity and authentication
  • health statistics
  • cloud storage
  • smart contract
  • keeping legal papers

How Secure is Blockchain?

Control in Blockchain is not with one, that is, the risk is less. The bank invests your money in the market and earns money. If the government wants, then the 2000 note kept in your hand will become invalid. For all these reasons, the idea of ​​blockchain-based Bitcoin was published by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The record of transactions done in Bitcoin goes to millions of computers, not a single pass, and it is encrypted. Like a bank has the data of all its customers. That is, how much money is in which person's account. But when it comes to Bitcoin, this is not the case here in the blockchain. Here no one has everyone's details, but everyone has everyone's details.

To do any transaction in Blockchain, all the nodes of the entire network will have to agree, only then that transaction will be valid. Here no single entity can say whether the transaction has taken place or not.

To hack it, you will not have to hack only one system like a bank, but all the systems located in the whole network have to be hacked, so hacking is not such an easy thing that anyone can do this technology. For this, a lot of knowledge is required.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain?

Once the data is saved in it, it is difficult to make any changes or tamper with it. Cryptography Encoded Technology is used to keep Digital Ledger safe. Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation. This brings everything to the level of their highest degree of accountability.

Data that is once entered into the blockchain become immutable, and can no longer be changed in any way, which reduces the chances of fraud to a great extent.


Hopefully, by now you must have understood Blockchain, what is Blockchain Technology? How Blockchain Works. Also the difference between bitcoin and blockchain.

July 12, 2022

Metaverse what is it

Do you know what the metaverse is? Today we are going to tell you a lot about Metaverse. Today you will get to know a lot about the Metaverse in this article.

As you already know that ever since the Internet has come into our lives, we have seen many changes all over the world. Today, with the help of the internet, we can get information about anything and anywhere sitting at home, as today you have reached here with the help of the internet to know about Metaverse.

Friends, the world is progressing very fast, and we should also know about these new things, what the changes happening around us and in the world, as a new change is this metaverse, so let's tell you today What is the metaverse, and what will it benefit us, as well as how it is useful for us.

You must have used Facebook because Facebook is one of the first social media platforms in the world. Now Facebook's parent company is named Meta. Which is derived from the word metaverse. After all, what is this metaverse, let us know.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse what is it

The Metaverse is a virtual world where you can do everything you would do in the real world. Simply put, in a world where you have an identity, you will be at home, but your avatar will be in the metaverse.

There are many different technologies used in the metaverse. It uses Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and video tools. The concept of the Metaverse is that people digitally connect in a digital space.

For example, if you want to attend a live concert on the Metaverse, you can do that too. This will be different from a concert in video format, as your avatar will be present with other people at this concert.

You will be able to feel like you are participating in that concert and enjoying with the people through the device you use for the metaverse because there will be other people in the form of avatars and you will see them right there You can also have a conversation.

Metaverse can be used in different places. From the gaming sector to meeting and interacting with each other will be included in this.

People will be able to meet each other, talk and do gaming together in the digital space through their avatar sitting at home. People can even take virtual trips around the world through their avatars in the digital space.

How did the metaverse start?

In 1992, Steven Stephenson used the term Metaverse in his science fiction novel Snow Crash.

He envisioned that the metaverse would be a space where people would be able to interact with each other through their avatars. Have you ever thought that people will give billions of rupees to buy virtual land? It is true.

People are buying virtual land in Metaverse now, and it is very much in trend.

What is the future of the metaverse?

The way the Metaverse is becoming popular right now, this is going to change our lives very soon. Friends, 20 to 30 years ago hardly anyone would have thought that the world would become dependent on the internet, similarly, if you think that the metaverse will flop then you are wrong.

Because as of Web 3.0, the metaverse looks like a solid future. Barbados has become the first country to announce the opening of its embassy in the metaverse. Barbados is building its diplomatic compound in the Decentraland of the Metaverse.

People are also seeing this as a new way to earn money in the metaverse. Because the price at which plots are available in the metaverse right now is expected to increase prices as fast as cryptocurrencies in the future, and then everyone will have a different property of theirs in the metaverse.

The term that will trend after Cryptocurrency for the next few years is Metaverse. You should not see it by associating it with Facebook, since recently Facebook has changed its name to Meta, so people are seeing Metaverse associating it with Facebook, but it is not so.

Metaverse is a term, for the real world where you and I live and you can think of Metaverse as a virtual world.

Just like in the real world you need land to build a house or open a shop, so in the Metaverse, people are buying virtual plots to live, open a shop, play or hold a concert.

What would the world of the Metaverse be like?

The world of the Metaverse can be understood with a simple example in such a way that if a person is married, then in today's time people gather in one place.

But with the arrival of the metaverse, it will happen that the bride and groom may also stay at their home and the rest of the guests too, just all in their virtual way.

-Gather through your image and talk to each other through 3D images and perform other rituals.

A few years ago a film was made in Hollywood called Avatar. This film was very much liked all over the world. Let us tell you that the world shown in the film Avatar is the world of the metaverse, in which a person will remain at his home but his virtual avatar can be anywhere in the world.

The world of Metaverse has started to form, it can be gauged from the fact that gaming company Epic Games organized a music concert in the past, which was virtual and people participated in it virtually.

This means people were dancing in concert with pop stars sitting in their homes, similarly, office meetings and classes can also be organized in future.

Metaverse land

In the metaverse, land means virtual land. Like you buy land or plot in the real world. Similarly, land can be bought or sold in the metaverse as well.


So in this way today you have learned what is the metaverse, and at the same time today, you must have got to know a lot more about the metaverse.

By the way, today in this article we have tried to tell you a lot about Metaverse, if you also know something about Metaverse, then you can share it with us, through the comment box given below.

And if you liked this article, and you got to learn something good from it today, then definitely share it with your friends too, and they too can get more information about what is Metaverse and about it. help.

July 08, 2022

What is Protocol? How many types of protocols are there?

What is Protocol?

What is Protocol

Hello friends, what is a VPN for you? You must know about it, but do you know what is Protocol, and how it works? Or what is it used for? So today we are going to tell you about the protocol.

Friends Protocol is a kind of digital rule, which is used in digital communication. The protocol itself decides how the data will be transmitted over the computer network and how the data is received. Protocol in computing is also called digital language. Without these, we cannot connect to the internet, nor can we transfer data from one computer to another. Any file or mail sent by us on the Internet reaches with the help of this protocol, and we can use the Internet.

How does the protocol work?

Each network protocol operates on rules for how its data packets should be organized. Because protocols such as the Internet Protocol often work together in layers, some of the data embedded inside a packet formatted for one protocol may be in the format of some other related protocol (named encapsulation).

Each protocol has its different methods, with the help of which it is decided what is its work? How will it send and receive information? If there is an error in all this, then how will he manage it? The protocol helps to connect two devices and transmit data, how the data should go from one device and how to receive the data to the other device, decides the protocol itself, and this is how the protocol works.

Connecting different hardware to the network and sharing information and giving instructions between them is a very difficult task, for this, it is necessary that both the sender and the receiver communicate in the same language and this work is possible only by protocol.

How many types of protocols are there?

Have you come to know what is the protocol? But do you know that there are many types of protocols as well? So let us know how many types of protocols are there?

1. TCP- Transmission Control Protocol:–

TCP and IP both follow different processes, but they can also be used together and when any two or more protocols are used for the same task then it is called a stack. Because they have some layer of operation. If seen, both these protocols are used to represent a complete suite and this suite of protocols transmits information about the operation of the web. TCP and IP protocols are also used for many local area networks.

2. FTP- File Transfer Protocol:-

The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, it is used to transfer files from one computer to another. FTP is a type of protocol that sets some rules for the exchange of files between two systems.

3. HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol:-

The full name of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which is an application protocol. Any data from the Internet reaches our computer from the server to our browser in the HTTP language itself, which the browser translates into its original language so that we can easily read it in our language.

4. SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol:-

By using the SMTP protocol, we send our email from one place to another, with SMTP there are two more protocols used, namely “POP (Post Office Protocol)” and “IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)”. All these protocols work with the help of TCP / IP and PORT25 works between them.

There are many other protocols, but they are not used much, you can see the list of other protocols below.

  • IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
  • EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
  • RIP (Routing Information Protocol)
  • RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)
  • HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer)

So friends, what is the protocol? If you have anything that you did not understand, then you can ask us in the comment box given below, we will try our best to help you.

July 07, 2022

What is Elementor? How to make a website with Elementor

What is Elementor and how to use it?

What is Elementor

Hello friends, friends, are you also a blogger, do you also have a website, or do you want to create a website, but due to lack of technical knowledge, you are not able to create.

So you do not need to worry, today we are going to tell you something good, which will be useful for you, and after using it you can also create your website.
Friends, today we are going to talk about Elementor Page Builder, which is used in WordPress, to design your website.

So let's know what Elementor is, how it works, and how it can be of use to you.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin used to design websites or pages. With the Elementor plugin, you can create any design you want for your website.

If you do not have much knowledge of WordPress, and you do not know how to design a website, then you can create it using Elementor, you can learn Elementor very soon, after which you can design your choice.

Elementor is the most famous WordPress page builder. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that is used in WordPress. By downloading the Elementor Plugin, you can create a page of your choice.
Elementor page builder works well with any WordPress theme and can be used for any page type like homepage, blog post, etc. In addition, you can do many more things with the Elementor plugin with the help of many addons.

Why is Elementor the best page builder?

To know for yourself what Elementor is, let us tell you why Elementor is the best page builder?

  • Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, which allows you to create a page of your choice.
  • Elementor has 500+ Pre Build Templates which you can import.
  • With Elementor, you can add or remove anything anywhere on the page.
  • By using Elementor, you will not have to buy expensive WordPress themes.
  • To design a page in Elementor, even if you do not know Coding, you can still design a page with a little knowledge.

By the way, you will find many such page builders from which you can design your page, but you will probably not get as many things and features as Elementor gives for free in any other page builder.

By the way, in the free version of Elementor, you will get a lot of options for free, but if you want more extra features, then you can use it by buying Pro Plugin, but as far as we have used the plugin, then we have a lot of items were available in the free version.

Or you can also install Elementor Plugin by going to your WordPress Dashboard and going to Plugins>Add New.

So, friends, this was a small blog, what are Elementor? If you have anything that you did not understand, then you can ask us in the comment box given below, we will try our best to help you.