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Cracking the Interview Using ATS Resume?


Selection of Resume

Job searching is indeed a hard task. Let's get real.


You have great CGPA in college, you did your graduation with flying colors, you made cool projects, and also earned online course certificates. And with huge expectations you are applying to that online job opening in your favorite Company, for days, weeks, and months…., and what you get is stone-cold rejection!  

You must remember that you are applying for a job along with millions of job seekers aka your competitors, for the same position, for the same Company, and with same qualifications as yours. This is the part of job seeking phase where we start questioning our abilities and toss your certificates out of the window. With no success in view, you have two options: lose all hopes in humanity or change your job hunting strategy.

And the best time to change your strategy is now!

The Initial phase of job rejection: RESUME.

Have you ever received any friend request from an unknown person, and you immediately hit 'reject'? Yes you have. We choose not to waste our time knowing anything more about an unknown person, just because we don't like his 'Profile'. Your resume is your academic profile. The recruiters are out of time for most of the time, they have meetings, deadlines, interviews, and what not. And your resume just has 5 to 7 seconds to make you visible to them. All the rest will be discarded without a second thought.


The pandemic has captured businesses into your mobile. The unemployment has been the reason for exodus of resources in search of better career. Loads of resume get flooded in the single company for a single job opening. Imagine analyzing thousands of resumes in a day.

The recruiters of giant techs do not have all day to screen your well-designed resume. They just toss your resume away.....not in trash......... but in ATS. 


ATS, What’s that?

Applicant tracking system or ATS is document screening software that analyze your resume in 2-3 seconds. This eliminates the load of applications that the recruiters are looking for and give opportunity to the best. ATS converts your well-designed resume into a text file then looks for the keywords, sections, and skills that your recruiters are looking for. To crack this phase you would have to make your resume ATS friendly.

ATS optimized resumes go to the final decision phase, the HR. Saying that you would get selected or rejected because you have ATS resume is half-truth. ATS is just filter that picks out candidates with selective skills with non-relevant ones.

Public Sectors could use the ATS that would be efficient to choose the right candidates, rather than accepting hundreds of applications from PhD holders to fill a peon’s position. Like seriously.   

Not all recruiters use ATS

There are chances that your regional recruiter expects well-structured resume that used best tools out there, including tables, graphics, fonts and all.

You do not need to strictly comply with ATS template. Your resume must fit the job requirement as much as your recruiter’s scope. Every resume must be optimized with the area you want to work. You would not require taking a minimally designed resume to the graphic design position. Moreover, local companies do not really mind reading your resume, as they do not have enough application to screen.

But bigger companies that use ATS do not require these. ATS, a software, is really not interested in the creativity. It reads text and might have problem reading fancy texts and graphics. So before applying for any position do read the requirements if the company needs ATS resume or not.

Writing a proper resume increases your chance of getting hired. ATS or not, it all depends on the position and company you are applying for. After all, your resume must reflect your merit, excellence, capability, and the true YOU.