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why should women in rural areas get sanitary napkins, for free.

 India is a country, where women make up half  the population. more than 60 percent of population India lives in rural areas. women lack access to sanitary napkins and menstrual cycle becomes a burden and bane for them. women are god' s precious creation.  For us, the privileged, periods are normal, something which occurs every month. we might have to deal with pain and discomfort But for those who live in rural areas this prevents them to do their daily activities. Myths and taboos which are embedded with periods, makes lives of these women even worse. According to a report only around 35 percent of women in India use sanitary napkins. The cost of sanitary napkins are expensive for the people of rural areas, who hardly get to earn money to have some food. Some follow hand to mouth process. Sanitary napkins are not a luxury, they are a necessity and every women deserves to have access to them. A lot of women in rural areas use cloth during their periods, this can cause infection and fungal diseases. Due to Menstruation, a lot of young adults in villages are forced leave the schools. Free sanitary napkins and some encouragement might help the child to not to discontinue their studies and their daily activities. Menstruation is a topic, people resist talking about, they feel its shameful. It is disheartening to see people thinking of it to be dirty.  The Government of India, is indeed, working towards the progress of our country but some steps like these would definitely work towards achieving the India, we all wish for.