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August 09, 2022

Indo-US joint research projects to be implemented through TIHs

 Experts from the India and United States interacted to bring out the best plans for joint research projects that would be implemented through the Technology Innovation Hubs (TIH), at DST-NSF Joint Research and Development Projects Kick-off Workshop.

The workshop was organised by IIT Delhi in association with DST to discuss how the projects to be implemented by the six TIHs identified under NM-ICPS for collaborative research and development with NSF-supported institutions would leverage unique resources, such as testbeds and datasets available in India and in the US, expand collaborations on critical technologies like AI and advanced wireless, and encourage student and researcher exchange programs.

Dr Akhilesh Gupta, Senior Adviser, DST informed that a total of 35 joint projects have been identified which will be implemented by the Technology Innovation Hubs (TIHs) and research institutions from USA. “This endeavor will further help us to achieve collaborative research and development between the two countries in the area of CPS,” he added.



US is our natural partner. Especially in science we have traditionally partnered and through collaborative projects the engagement will more deeper at the institution level, government level and even people level,” Dr Gupta pointed out.

Six TIHs under NM-ICPS have been identified for collaborative research and development with NSF-supported institutions. These projects aim at adding the component of international collaboration to existing research projects in both countries. The Hubs are part of a five-year, nearly $430 million investment by DST under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems and comprise academic researchers and industry partners.

“US is committed and proud to partner with India for prosperity and opportunity for all. These projects shall be aspirational and should be able to solve the societal problems,” NSF Director Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan.

Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director, Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT Delhi) said that this workshop will enable linkages and build up TIH to solve problems of society.



Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and National Science Foundation (NSF) joined hands for collaborative research and development in Sept 2021 in thematic areas of Agriculture, Autonomous systems technologies and applications, Health and Environment, Rehabilitation and assistive robotics, and Smart cities covering various cyber-physical systems.

DST is implementing National Mission-Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NMICPS) with an outlay of Rs. 3,660.00 crore for a period of five years to encourage innovation in new age technologies. As part of the Mission implementation, 25 Technology Innovation Hubs (TIHs) have been established in reputed institutes across the country in advanced technologies to create a strong foundation and a seamless ecosystem for Cyber-Physical Systems, leading a platform for policymakers, researchers/innovators, premier institutes, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, industries and global connect as well.

The workshop was attended by Shri Sanjeev K Varshney, Head, International Corporation, DST; Dr. Ekta Kapoor, Head FFT Division; Dr. JBV Reddy, Scientist F, DST; Dr. Kendra Sharp, Head, Office of International Science and Engineering; Dr. Bridget Turaga, Program Director, O/o International Science & Engineering; Dr. Gurdip Singh, Director of the Division of Computer and Network Systems along with the representatives from TIHs and institutes from US.


August 01, 2022

How To Create A Static Home Page In Blogger

 When it comes to home pages, most websites can be divided into two: static and non-static. As their name implies, static home pages stay permanent no matter how many times the website is updated, while non-static home pages reflect the changes that are made to the site and show the latest posts first.

The latter has become well-known nowadays due to the rising popularity of personal and even corporate blogs. However, there are still many people who prefer static home pages because it makes their websites look more organized and professional. It also gives them more control over the readers' experience on their site and helps them create stronger brand awareness through the uniform message that their home page presents.

Fortunately, if you own a Blogger site and want to make your home page static, you'll find that creating one isn't as difficult as it seems. You can create a static home page in Blogger by taking these steps:

1. Create your static home page

The first thing you should do is to create a new page for your blog. This will serve as your static home page but, for now, it will look and act like any other page in your site.

To make this page, you'll need to go to the main menu of the Blogger dashboard and click on the "Pages" option on the left side on the screen. Doing this will lead you to the "All Pages" menu window. Here, click on the "New Page" button and you'll enter an editor that looks similar to the Blogger Post editor that you use when publishing a new blog post.

static home page

At the top box, enter the title that you want for this page - in this case, let's call it the "Welcome" page. In the larger text box, type the content that you want to appear on your home page; this can be a paragraph, or two about yourself or your business and what your site is all about.

Once you're done, click "Publish". The window will return to the main "All Pages" menu, and you'll see the new "Welcome" page you've created. Copy the URL of the "Welcome" page since you'll need it later on. To do this, right click on the 'View' link and select 'Copy Link Location' from the menu.

2. Redirect the default home page to the static one

Once your "Welcome" page is up, the next thing you should do is to change Blogger's default homepage. This involves redirecting from your site's original home page to the static homepage that you've created so it would be the first thing that people see when they visit your website.

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To do this, you'll need to go to main Blogger editor menu, click on "Settings" on the left side of the screen, and choose "Search Preferences". Under the "Errors and redirections" section, you'll see the "Custom Redirects" option with an "Edit" link beside it. Click on the "Edit" link to open another window, where you'll see two boxes named "From" (with your blog's URL beside it) and "To".

In the "From" box, enter only a forward slash symbol "/". In the "To" box, paste the URL that you copied earlier and add the latter part of the URL of the "Welcome" page. For instance, the page's URL of our demo blog is, so we'll remove the "" address and add only "/p/welcome.html" in the "To:" box. The "/p" signifies that it's a static page.

Next, check the little box beside "Permanent", click on the "Save" text link, and press the "Save changes" button. Doing these will redirect your site's main URL to its new static home page. Access your blog on a separate browser to see if it works.

3. Make tabs for your site

If you're not planning to make tabs visible in your blog, you can stop at Step #2. But, if you want your site to have tabs that indicate the home page, the main blog page, and other pages you may have (such as the FAQs and Contact Us pages), you'll need to take another step.

Why is this important? Basically, when visible tabs are enabled in your site, they will show that you have two existing pages: the default home page and the new "Welcome" page you've created - both of which redirect to the same static page. This can be confusing for your readers and may even affect your search engine rankings.

To fix this, you first need to enable tabs by going to the "Layout" menu item and click on the "Add a Gadget" link. You can choose to add it below your blog header or sidebar. In many cases, it's advisable to add it below blog's header since they're more visible and give your website a sleek, professional look.

Once the pop-up window opens, scroll down and click on the 'Pages' link:

This will open another window named "Configure Page List". Here, under the "Pages to show" section, you'll see the default home page and your new static homepage with small boxes beside them. Uncheck the box beside the default home page to hide it from view, check the pages that you want to display in the menu and then click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

You can stop at this point but, if you want, you can also create a specific tab that will lead to your main blog post page. To do this, edit the "Pages" gadget that you just saved and click "+ Add external link".

On the new window that would open, enter the title you'd like for the page (such as "Blog") along with /index.html web address, then hit "Save Link" and click the "Save" button on the "Configure Page List" window.

Now, view your site and you will see the pages menu containing the "Welcome" page and "Blog" tabs. To see how this works, you can also visit our demo blog. Enjoy!

Final Note

Having a static home page can be beneficial for your blog. Follow the steps above now to create a static home page in Blogger!
July 20, 2022

What is BIS and what are its functions

Hello friends, today's article is going to be very useful for you because in this we will tell you about BIS Full Form and what is BIS, what are its functions and what are its benefits, we will tell you complete information related to them and along with it other useful related Information is about to tell.

Often we all hear different types of words many times, which often contain short form words, BIS is also one of those about which you will often get to hear but many people know BIS Full Form and what is BIS. If you do not know about it, then you should read our complete article for its information.


It is the National Standards Ministry of India, which deals with the work of consumer affairs, standards, product and system certification schemes etc. of the country.

What is BIS

What is BIS

As we have told you that this is the Bureau of Indian Standards and its work is the certification of consumer affairs, products and standard system of the Government of India and if we tell it in simple language, then it certifies the purity of any precious commodity or metal etc. As we must have seen that the gold that we buy is in different carats, it is the work of BIS to certify them.

It examines and certifies many different valuable items like gold, silver and many metals like diamond and platinum and its functions are as follows.

  • quality check
  • creating standards
  • quality certification and control
  • Developing a National Strategy for Recognition of Standards
  • Related to Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme
  • related to hallmark
  • Creating a laboratory accreditation plan
  • tracking user activities

As you all know that the valuable Vastu of any country is very useful for that country and it plays an important role in maintaining the economy to this there is always a danger of adulteration in it, sotIS to protect it. It was formed to do the work of checking and certification valuables.


As you know that BIS works to certify any valuable item and it shows the certified item in the following way, we are telling you about the hallmark of gold which is something like this.

  • If the hallmark number is 354 then it means 35.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 465 then it means 46.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 580 then it means 58.0% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 648 then it means 64.8% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 705 then it means 70.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 836 then it means 83.6% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 965 then it means 96.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 164 then it means 16.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 264 then it means 26.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 1000 then it means 100% pure gold.

In this way, a metal like gold is shown as a hallmark and it shows the purity of any metal and how much adulteration is there in it.

It was established on 23 December 1986 and its headquarter is located in Manek Bhawan Old Delhi, but keeping in mind its large area in India, its 5 other offices have been established which are located in Chandigarh, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Is.

What is a BIS certificate and why is it necessary

By the BIS certificate, original and adulterated metals etc. are checked as inexpensive items, as if any expensive metal from abroad is imported into India, then first it has to go through the BIS check, they check it in their way. After that, when it gets approval from BIS, then that metal can come to India and it can be sold in the market.

After checking them, its certificate is also made and it takes up to 6 months to make a BIS license after checking it, the hallmark of BIS can be put on the Vastu so that the public can know that it is the original product. And people should have faith in it and people can shop without any fear or hassle.

Conclusion – In this article, we have given you information about BIS Full Form and what is BIS and what are its functions, we hope that You must have found the information given by us useful, if you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends and if you want to ask any question related to it, then you can tell us by commenting.

July 20, 2022

What is Ayushman Bharat Scheme and how to see Ayushman Bharat List

Today we are going to tell you about what is Ayushman bharat yojana and how to do ayushman Bharat registration and how to see its list, through this article we are going to tell you very special information related to Pradhan Mantri ayushman Bharat yojana.

As you know that every day some useful scheme keeps coming in our country, out of which Ayushman bharat scheme is also one, this scheme is very useful for all the people but many people do not know about it, then this article In this we are going to tell you complete information about ayushman Bharat yojana.

What is Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme

Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Yojana has been started for the people who come below the poverty line, under this it has been started for the people who come below the poverty line for their good hospital treatment, in these poor people also without spending any money. You can get yourself treated in a good hospital.

Those people who come below the poverty line can take advantage of this scheme. Any member of the family of any person doing this is treated free of cost.

Benefits of the Ayushman bharat Scheme

The way the government has started this scheme shows how many benefits it has, first of all, we are going to tell you about the benefits of this scheme so that you can be aware of its benefits.

  • You do not have to do any separate application or registration to apply for this.
  • You can take advantage of this plan for free
  • Under this scheme, treatment of 5 lakhs is done for free.
  • A poor person can get treatment in a big hospital under this scheme
  • Under this scheme, 24 government hospitals and medical colleges will be built.
  • Under this scheme, hospital expenses up to 5 lakh will be given to each essential family.
  • Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance. is cashless
  • Patients suffering from serious diseases like heart, kidney, sugar etc. can take advantage of this scheme.

How to see the Ayushman Bharat Yojana List

To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary to have your name on the list, but many people do not know how they can see their name on the list, so for this, you should follow the steps given by us.

  1. First, you click on PMJAY
  2. Now you will get the option of mobile number and captcha code, in that you solve the captcha by entering your mobile number
  3. Now click on OTP Generate and a number will come on your phone, enter it
  4. Now you have to select your state
  5. Now you will get the option to select the category, in that you select the category as per your wish.
  6. Now fill in the requested information related to the category you will select.
  7. Now click on search
  8. Now the complete list of this scheme will come in front of you, in that you have to find your name and if you want, you can also download it, if you have a name in this list then you can take advantage of this scheme.

How to see Ayushman Bharat Eligibility

If you have not applied in it and now you want to apply in it, then for this you should first check the ayushman Bharat eligibility once whether you can apply in it or not, then follow this process to see the eligibility in it.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Ayushman Bharat
  • Now you will see the option of “AM I Eligible”, you have to click on it
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will be asked to log in, and enter your mobile number and OTP and log in.
  • Now you will get two options to get family eligibility information, out of which you have to choose your state and choose a mobile number or ration card.
  • Now you have to fill in the requested information
  • Now you have to click on the search or search option
  • In this way, you can very easily see the eligibility in Ayushman Bharat and if you are found applying for it then you can also apply for it later.

Documents to apply for Ayushman Bharat

If you want to apply for this, then you must have some important documents for this, only then you will be able to apply for it.

  • Aadhar card
  • of all family members
  • Ration card
  • mobile number
  • address proof

After having all these documents, you can apply online very easily in this, to apply this, you follow the process given by us.

How to do Ayushman Bharat Registration

Now we will talk about how you can apply for this scheme or how to register for it, for this, you should follow our given method so that you can easily apply for it.

  • first of all you go to the service centre, after that you have to submit a copy of all the documents
  • Now they verify your documents and after that, you register yourself in it.
  • After applying for this, you will get the golden card of Ayushman Bharat in 10 to 15 days.
  • In this way, you can also apply online for Pradhan Mantri ayushman Bharat yojana very easily and when you apply in it, then after that you are in any hospital by this you are working under this scheme there You can get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh

Conclusion – In this article, we have given you information about the ayushman Bharat Yojana and what is this scheme and how to apply it, we hope that you must have liked the information given by us, if you like the information then Do share this with your friends through social media and if you want to ask any question related to it, then you can also tell us by commenting.

July 20, 2022

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, know all the information related to it.

Hello friends, maybe I do not need to tell you at all how big is social media, fast it is spreading, and also the number of people using it are also increasing rapidly. The speed of social media has become faster than the Internet.

Today everyone is using the Internet, and more than 3 billion people are using social media all over the world, and it is increasing.

While you are reading this post, you may have missed the figure. And with all this, many social media platforms have also come, and if we talk about the trending social media platforms now, then they are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and many more social media platforms. There are media platforms but all of them are the most famous in today's date.

To know about social media marketing, you must read about digital marketing and want to know more about it, so let us now know what is social media marketing? And we are going to tell you many more things about it.

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a work in which any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is used to promote any business and products.

So that any products or services can reach to as many people as possible, and a brand image of any products or services can be created in the mind of the people, s that they can use the products or services.

With the help of social media marketing, it helps any brand or company to reach and talk to its target customers, and they get to know more about the brand or company.

In today's time, social media marketing has become a big thing for any business, if you want to make your business bigger, or take your old business further, then you must take the help of social media marketing for that. have to take,

Only then you can reach your products or services to all your customers, and for this, you should also have the idea of ​​social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

We want to tell you how powerful and beneficial a social media account can be for your business.

By being active in social media, you can make your business very big, because in today's time everyone is going digital, and everyone is coming online if you have not brought your business online yet. So bring it as soon as possible or else it will be too late.

What is Social Media Marketing Video

Benefits of Social Media Marketing- Benefits of Social Media Marketing-

There are many benefits of social media marketing, with the help of which you can get a lot of profit for your business or your website.

In social media marketing, you only need to know about some things online, if you know the website, then you will also know very well about the power of social media, let us know what are the benefits that will help you. Social media will be beneficial.

Increase brand awareness for your brand or website.

If your product is good and can be of great use to the people, and if you are not able to sell it well, then it means that you have not taken any good steps regarding its marketing,

Or even if you have done marketing, then you have made some mistake, in such a situation, social media is a very good platform for how useful those people can be about your website about your product.

Social media can be a very effective thing to tell better about your brand or product and to give more information to people about it. You can easily do many things with the help of social media marketing, and you can give good information about your brand and product to people so that they can use your products.

Generate Leads and Boost Conversions

Generate Leads and Boost Conversation By this means, when you promote your products on social media, with the help of this you can connect with a lot of people, and give them some of their information about whom the leads speak, such as can generate leads by taking their name, mobile number and email ID.

Whenever you launch a new product of yours, then these leads will work for you.

Come, you can tell them all about your new products, and you can give information about them, so that they may get attracted and like your product and also buy it.

What is Social Media Marketing?

a good relationship with customers With the help of social media, you can build a good relationship with your customers, by providing them with good things, and if they have any problems using any of your products, or they want to get information about any products. , then you can take the help of social media, and by helping them you can build a good relationship with them.

Learn from your competitors.

If someone like you is making products, like if you have a shoemaking company, and you make shoes, then it is not that you are just making shoes, many such people in the market make shoes.

So with the help of social media, you will get to know about your competitors, how they are doing, how they are making products, why their products are being sold, and why not us?

So in a way, you will get a lot of information about the competitors with the help of social media, which will be of great use to you, and will also help in taking your business forward.

How to do Social Media Marketing?

Doing social media marketing does not require many skills, but even then you must have some basic knowledge about it, only then you will be able to do social media marketing well.

First of all, you have to create an account on all the famous social media platforms in the name of your brand, let's know how to do good social media marketing.

First, find out about your target audience. For social media marketing, you have to first select the right audience for your product and brand, if your product is related to children, then you have to find marketing ideas like them,

If your products are for females or males, you will need to find anyone who is over 18 years of age. In this way, first of all, find a target audience for your product.

Create a good social media profile.

You have to keep your social media profile good, keep your brand logo good, prepare a good post daily for social media, and keep in mind, what your product or brand sells, or your website is about Post only related content on social media.

Show your good and best things first.

Share your good stuff first and foremost on social media, post the most and focus on the things that your audience or your customers like the most, and at the same time keep your new ones. Keep informing people about the products or services as well.

What are the best platform forms for social media marketing?

So friends, after understanding what is social media marketing, let us now tell you which social media platform will be good for you, and on which social media platform you should focus the most, and do marketing.

Although nowadays everyone can get good returns due to the internet being available almost everywhere the ones which are trending the most right now are Instagram, Facebook. Let us first know about Instagram marketing.

Instagram marketing:

Friends, if Instagram is most famous for something, then it is, to market your products on Instagram for photos, you have to make good photos and designs of your products or services,

And at the same time, you have to use good hashtags, so that your post can reach more people, and you have to post on Instagram every day and work on it regularly.

Facebook marketing:

If you talk about the most users, then you will find them on Facebook. On Facebook, you have to create a page with the name of your brand, in which you will also have to post well like Instagram,

Also, if you want to run paid ads, then you can run them on Facebook as well as you will get the option to run Facebook's ads on Instagram.


So friends, in this way now you must understand what is social media marketing and how it is done. Today in this post we have told you Many things have been told about social media marketing.

If you also know anything else about social media marketing, or you have any questions, then you can ask us through the comment box given below.